Do You Have It In You?

With the start of a new day, there is always the promise of hope. How glorious it is to exist in the human condition especially here and now. To know that your fate lies in your hands and your hands alone. To know that your thoughts, your words, and your actions shall determine the course of that day and every day forward is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Your soul is in your keeping, you alone answer to yourself. For when you are unsatisfied with the results of that day or that decade, do not complain or point fingers in saying, “I was not given the same opportunity.” I will let you in on a little secret that life is not fair. We are all dealt different hands in life, for those that have come before you that turned dreams into empires did not make excuses. For those that have been knocked down have tasted the dirt and that taste of bitter defeat is what keeps them up at night working while you rest.

So before you quit, before you chalk up a L on the scoreboard of life. Ask yourself if you have it within you? To choose to become more than you are. To push against the current, to fight with everything you have, to make sacrifices, especially when those sacrifices disguise themselves. To have the maturity to acknowledge your faults, and the humility to aid your neighbor. For when you are old, your bones frail, and your muscles weak, you will not have the luxury of a second try. There are no do overs in life for every moment is fleeting. You must make the choice, right here and now and in each moment hereafter to adjust your trajectory to that which you seek. Yesterday you said tomorrow, and today is already almost over. So ask yourself, do you have it in you?

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