Monday – 2/10/2020

I’m starting this week off on a bad note. My time here in Ohio has been a wonderful opportunity to just sit and think in peace for months on end. It’s afforded my an opportunity to see some things that I think I just wouldn’t have otherwise realized had I been in a place such as San Diego that affords more “distractions.”

With my free time, I’ve found myself on Reddit more and more and one of the things that I love most is that it’s democratized information. Things that are on the front page are on the front page because of the quality or significance of the matter. Whether it’s political, hilarity, or something in between, it just benefits from the same democratic nature as Wikipedia.

As I’ve been here, and had more and more time to be exposed to all the fucked up things I see on Reddit about the world and especially our country. I’ve just come to realize that things are pretty terrifying. The state of the planet and the direction it’s going just causes me sheer panic. Yet, many of us act like it’s fine. Some of us even deny what’s even happening. There are thousands of scientists, people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of truth and knowledge and yet there are those of us who think after spending 15 minutes on the internet, know more than them.

How the fuck are we supposed to get our shit together as a species when about half of us vote for a guy who doesn’t believe in the counsel of thousands of the smartest people on the planet. Who pays off porn stars and brags about grabbing girls by their genitals. Who has a long and proven history of con’ing contractors that have worked for him.

I don’t care what your beliefs on economic policy might be when the person who is running the country is proven to be utterly morally bankrupt.

Have a nice day.

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