Staying focused when you can’t leave the house

4/26/2020 – I’ve been struggling as of late to find my groove on just about anything recently. Professionally, getting myself to get into the zone and crank out meaningful work feels like I’m just to revive a dead chicken I bought from the store 3 days ago.

I want to be productive, to crush work both at Cadence and my side gigs but it’s just so damn hard to get motivated. It feels as if by going out and going sailing or going out to cool rooftop bars with $17 cocktails and spending money, that I get motivated to have more so I can afford it. In my head, I would be motivated to have that money first, then go spend it but it almost feels like I’ve got it backwards.

I’m also really happy with where I’m living. My place may be small but the little community we have here is just so nice, having my own backyard and fire pit is just amazing for San Diego. Good luck finding that anywhere else for $1400/mo.

I feel incredibly lucky to still have my position with Cadence and damn do I love these people. I just feel so lost in how to sell an entirely new product to people that competes with Microsoft and Zoom and WebEx.

Feels like we need to invent a new category if we are to find traction. More thinking needed…

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