You are in 98% control of your life

People that complain about their jobs, their paycheck, their relationships, their lives, they are getting exactly what they deserve. You are in complete and total control of 98% of your lives. Upset someone implicitly called you fat on the subway? Well then quit stuffing your face with Coca-Cola and pizza three times a week. Tired of being broke? Then build a skill set that commands a bigger paycheck and better benefits. Tired of being rejected by girls? Then push yourself to try new things, pick up a book you illiterate heathen, get your ass in shape, make more money chump, make yourself so irresistible, they can’t help but want to take you home. Life is not hard, it’s about taking responsibility for 98% of your lives. Shit happens sometimes. Sometimes, we get cancer at age 33, but even that may have been preventable. Take complete responsibility of your life, because one day you’re going to die and the version of you that lived this life is going to meet the ‘what you could have been’ version of you.

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