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The future for impriv

Well hello there! I know you were probably expecting a bland coming soon page like the one I’ve had up on impriv.com for the last 2 years but I’ve come to a point that my business has morphed into something… Continue Reading →

Mortality in the Workplace

I think most of us think and act like we are all going to live forever, until we actually stop and think about it. Of course, we know better, but that still doesn’t stop us from putting off plans, working… Continue Reading →

You are in 98% control of your life

People that complain about their jobs, their paycheck, their relationships, their lives, they are getting exactly what they deserve. You are in complete and total control of 98% of your lives. Upset someone implicitly called you fat on the subway?… Continue Reading →

Putting Passion Before Money

It’s 11:37 pm on a Monday night in late March here in 36 degree Painesville, Ohio. Today is day 2 of a life-changing decision that I’ve made. What decision is that you may ask? Well for the past 8 months,… Continue Reading →

Do You Have It In You?

With the start of a new day, there is always the promise of hope. How glorious it is to exist in the human condition especially here and now. To know that your fate lies in your hands and your hands… Continue Reading →

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