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I help businesses generate more leads, close more deals, and build better systems

Hello there, I’m Edward Kado. πŸ‘‹

Helping businesses scale and thrive through better sales, marketing, tech, and productivity systems is my passion. It’s more fun than you would expect and I’d love to help yours too.

When you’re ready, schedule a call. No pressure, no obligation, just solid, actionable advice.

A handful of my clients 🏒

A little about me πŸ™‹

Much to my parents’ irritation, I was the kid that took apart the remote control just for fun. Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by the world and how it works. My poor father had to explain how a business makes money or how a car engine works to a toddler.

Now as an adult, I’m a professional salesman and marketer. I’d like to think I would have been a decent programmer but with both my parents owning companies, life just steered me more towards business. My unique combination of communication skills and systems thinking has served me well.

Right out of college, I was the #1 new salesperson at CDW (Fortune #124 company) where I sold $3.1 M in my first 12 months. After that, I grew an eCommerce service company to over $110k MRR. Then I began doing consulting. Within 6 months, the lead generation system I built for my first client began generating $57k of one-time revenue and $9k of recurring revenue each month.

As a freelance consultant, my primary mission is helping entrepreneurs scale up their revenue with better marketing and sales systems. It’s incredibly rewarding watching the systems I build enable entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of financial success, growing their companies, giving back to their communities, and living out their dream life.Β It’s literally the best job ever and it’s a win/win/win for everyone.

Ethics is everything to me, I believe in radical transparency, doing what’s best for the client, and running a business that benefits every stakeholder.Β 

If you’re interested in potentially working with me, I’d love to meet and see if we’re a fit for each other. Schedule a call with me here.

Hype from a happy client πŸ™Œ

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"He's been pivotal in the growth of my business ever since I brought him on"

“I have continual meetings with him where he just gave me confidence. He gave me the real attention to help me overcome my obstacles and get my business to the next level. He’s been pivotal in the growth of my business ever since I brought him on and I wouldn’t regret it whatsoever to anybody that is questioning his abilities.

The man, shockingly is a man of many, many, many talents. It’s very interesting the amount of know how and technical skills he has around business, websites, email, and marketing. It’s just really cool and it’s extremely helpful. So yeah, anyway that’s considering bringing him on. couldn’t recommend it enough. And I hope you do!”

Jake Spear

CEO, Sunset Yoga Bonfire

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