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Get more leads

Marketing Services

Services with the specific aim of turning a prospect into a lead.

Your website should achieve all 4 of these objectives

  • Provide enough information about your business that a customer or prospect could buy without even talking to sales.
  • Present your brand beautifully through a design that compliments your brand without distracting the visitor
  • Social proof and testimonials to establish credibility
  • Establishes your brand as an authority by offering visitors massive value for free through 
  • A crystal clear CTA (Call-To-Action) that 

WordPress + Elementor is bar none the best way to build a WordPress website here in 2021. The power to design anything and everything, speed of design, clean and light code, and yet easy enough for lay people to make edits themselves. The integrations with Zapier and email platforms like Mailchimp make it a no brainer.

Great copy can literally make or break a business. Want more people to request a demo or buy from you, you need great copy to turn them from lookers into customers.

Landing pages keep your visitor focused on completing your desired

There are few cheaper ways to earn your customers’ trust or announce a new product or service than by email.

No one gives a sh*t about subscribing to your newsletter unless they already buy from you. If you want to win the trust of your prospects, you have to educate them, and there’s no better way to deliver that education, over time, than by email drip campaigns.

Want your email subscribers automatically added to your CRM? Easy. Want to send prospects an email automatically thanking them for booking a demo? Done. Marketing automations keep your systems sync’d and your customer experience tight.

Even in 2021, email is still king. Want to look legit and professional in your prospect’s inbox? A custom HTML email signature will do that.

Close more deals

Sales Services

Services to equip your team with the assets, technology, and tactics they need to close more deals than ever before.

Imagine opening your email each day to find 5+ people want to schedule a demo with you. I build and operate the entire system to achieve that.

My team of virtual assistants can hand-collect prospect information into neatly organized spreadsheets, ready for email outreach. 98.5%+ Deliverability on average at .20-.30 cents per email.

Crush every single possible objection with confidence with an O.R.M. written by me. Nail every selling point succinctly with a sales script that appeals to both the prospect’s emotions and logic.

Some things you can only see from the outside looking in. Sales coaching from a career salesperson with 10+ years experience.

The perfect demo deck appeals to the prospect’s emotions AND justifies it with logic. It also addresses every potential objection before the prospect even asks. Let’s build it together.

Before we can find, market to, and sell to prospects. We first must identify what separates a good prospect from a great prospect. Avoiding the bad ones is just as important and we’ll identify them too.

Your CRM can be a force multiplier for your sales team or it can hinder them. Setting up the right CRM with the right pipeline structure, and teaching your team how to use it efficiently is an investment that easily has a 20X return.

Technology & Tactics to grow your business

Ad Hoc Services

Services for keeping your website fast, your email running, and IT infrastructure organized.

The difference between a site that loads in 5s vs 3s is 29% of your visitors leaving. My site loads in 800ms. Don’t lose business opps because you went cheap on your web hosting.

There are 2 email-authentication methods used across the internet (SPF & DKIM). Not having them properly implemented and configured reduces your likelihood of landing in your recipient’s inbox. It’s a simple fix and it’s worth every penny.

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The difference between a site that loads in 5s vs 3s is 29% of your visitors leaving. I can optimize your WordPress or SaaS-based website to drastically reduce your load time.

Getting your site hacked can be annoying but it’s absolutely resolvable. I’ll remove any malware AND make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Want to your company to Google Workspace or Office 365? I’ll manage the entire project start to finish and support your users through every step.

Want a professional to manage your email infrastructure, spec out a PC fleet, manage software licensing, or set up automations. I can help.

Want a custom-made webpage to send your visitors to watch a live stream? Done! Need someone to broadcast your video stream during the “live show.” I can do that too!

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