About me

Hey gang,

My name is Edward and this is where I ramble about about just about anything but technical meanderings. For that, check out kadosystems.com

9-5 like the rest of us monkeys, I make a living trying my best to contribute to society in a meaningful and orderly fashion. For me, that’s helping small businesses level up in their marketing. I build websites, I send out emails, I coach sales people, I analyze data, and I build marketing automations. 4 out of 5 days I enjoy it, considering what I could be doing, I consider myself lucky to be happy roughly 80%+ of the work week.

My personal life is where things get a little more interesting. Not that I’m trying, but I find myself against the societal grain more than I intend to. To start, I feel literally zero ‘instinctual pull’ for having offspring and the typical American consumerism we celebrate as a nation simply disinterests me.

I’m an individual that relishes in my solitude and in keeping my life utterly “light.” Not that I fully recommend it but I credit an unhealthy obsession with minimalism and organization applied at every level of my life with that. There’s a simple quote that wraps up my ethos in 20 succinct words.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey

My lifestyle, my ethos, and my musings are my own and I would be disappointed if you agreed with all of it. I hope that you’ll contribute with a comment where you feel inspired or feel like telling me I’m f****** wrong. Much of what I enjoy in this life is the discovery and my ever gradually increasing understanding of this reality that we exist in.

Say hello, we waited 5.5 Billion years to gain consciousness. Let’s not waste it being shy.