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Why I chose lead gen for my business

Let’s just lay it all out. Starting a business is a ton of work. To make it even tougher, some businesses require a LOT of capital to even begin which traditionally means risking at least some of your own money in the enterprise. In 2018, when I decided to give entrepreneurship a go, I have neither the capital nor much experience in running a business. I did however, have 3 things. A decade of sales experience, a wee little bit of marketing experience, and a positive attitude.

My first client was a

#1 Basically no capital needed

Since Lead Gen is just a service you deliver to your clients, you don’t need to purchase heavy machinery or even hire other employees (in the beginning). For my first client, I just did it all for myself. There was two reasons behind this, one because I was pretty close to broke and couldn’t afford to hire anyone to do the work and second so that I could learn how the entire system should work.

#2 Every Service

  1. Get to know your client and their business intimately
  2. Figure out who your client’s top 5 competitors are and figure out what in their marketing and sales process is being done better than your clientmake a list

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